At a glance

First launched in 2016 with a modern showroom in New York City, Lily Apparel Holdings, Inc. is an award-winning Asian fashion powerhouse, designing and producing stylish ensembles for young female office workers across the world who are not only positive, independent, confident, and feminine but who also dare to think and dare to do.

Comprised of Lily STUDIO, Lily COLLECTION and SS COLLECTION Since 1949, Lily Apparel Holdings, Inc.’s brands have a long history of success within Asia. The company has 450+ office staff, 40 multinational designers, a sales team of over 800 people spread across their direct-owned stores, and owns a 20,000 m2 large warehouse space in Shanghai. Every year Lily brands create over 2000 distinctive, inspirational pieces that boast unique cuts, patterns and a minimalist style. Lily Apparel Holdings, Inc. is rapidly becoming a major player in the global fashion industry.


Lily Apparel Holdings, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shanghai Silk Group Co. Ltd and offers professional services and high quality products to clients across the world. It has a number of long-term partnerships with notable world-wide clothing and brand suppliers and has a sterling reputation in the international market.